Yoga Philosophy

Yoga is a way of life, of awakening and of conscious awareness.

It not only happens on the mat, but also in everyday living.

If you would like to look further into the deeper dimensions of body, mind and soul, why not check out my translation

'Living Yoga Wisdom'?


'Living Yoga Wisdom' is a practice book for beginners as well as for advanced yoginis and yogis, who would like to deepen and advance their practice through yoga philosophy. Each of the 18 chapters is coupled with exercises, which not only make yoga philosophy more comprehensible, but also applicable and experiential in everyday living. The book demonstrates that yoga philosophy means a lot more than only theory. The philosophical exercises help to create awareness of the meaning of yoga practice in its original sense. It becomes possible to experience yoga as a pathway of training the consciousness of body, mind and soul, and also as guidance for everyday living.


Praise for 'Living Yoga Wisdom':

"This is a most remarkable book that embraces the ineffable core of all paths and all religions, using yoga as a vehicle. It shows how yoga is a process of transformation that has the potential to bring us to the unspeakable experience of non-dual oneness. It is well written, with many exercises designed to help us understand each chapter and how it fits into our life. It is a guide for making the transition from the outer world of ego concerns to the inner world of guidance and love."

                                                            Steve Pollaine


"A great book to share. I really loved this book. I gave it as a gift to my niece who is a young woman just starting out on her yoga journey. It’s an easy read that opens the heart and mind to new ideas and challenges your habitual thinking. The exercises help bring it all together. It’s been a great tool for us to connect on a deeper level and have fun while doing it."

                                                               Annie Turner


"A real gem! After practicing yoga intensely for the past several months, I began to have subtle experiences that went beyond the asanas (postures) and that I had no basis for understanding. In my search for meaning, I stumbled on this gem. It is very well written, easy to follow and helped me grasp that what I have been experiencing on the mat......glimpses of the ineffable. I cannot recommend this book any more highly for yoga practitioners!"

                                                                    Michael P.


"Prompts for inner reflection. Well written, informative book for experienced and new yogis. An interesting read with exercises at the end of each chapter that encourages inner reflection - a book you'll refer back to over and over again. Recommend!"                                           Jessica Yung


"What is yoga? What does it mean to practice yoga? What ca yoga give to us? These questions are being answered in the book ‘Living Yoga Wisdom’, using clear and simple language to describe yoga philosophy as a whole. This book is for everyone who wants something more from yoga than exercises or relaxation, but does not know what this ‘more’ can be. This book also helps to give structural knowledge to aspects of yoga philosophy that you may already have come across. I really liked this book."

                                                           Maria Nováková

"I can't recommend this book highly enough. It is concise, direct, and gives a really clear explanation of the path of yoga. I am a yoga practitioner and teacher and would recommend this book to my students wanting to understand how yoga can integrate into ones life, but I have also found it useful as a teaching resource to give clear descriptive passages about some of the elements of yoga that can be difficult to describe! I love how it is broken down and that there are practical 'exercises' to experience. This is certainly the easiest read on the yoga path that I have come across. Where you practice yoga or would like to understand it more, I don't think you can regret this purchase."

                                                                 Sarah Lewis


"What an incredible piece of writing. Every teacher and student should pick up this book. It's one of those must haves on your Yoga book shelf!"                                                        Mark Seeto


"This is a beautifully accessible book. Whether you are a yoga practitioner or teacher, this is a beautifully accessible book. It sets out so many different aspects of the practice of yoga in a clear and concise way which is also interesting and absorbing. I really enjoyed the philoso-phical exercises at the end of each chapter, something to think closely about in a structured way. A book for yogis and philo-sophers alike."                                         Ailsa Thom


"Highly recommend this book for those wanting to gain awareness on the meaning of yoga. As someone who has only practiced yoga in the physical sense I found this book a very insightful introduction to the history and philosophy of yoga practice in its different forms. There are multiple guiding exercises after each short section within the book which are very helpful to comprehend the yoga philosophy being described. Highly recommended for those wanting to gain awareness of the meaning of yoga practice in its original (non-commercialized) sense."                      N.C. Ray


"A great book for any yogi! I love this book. It's the perfect companion to aid your yoga life off the mat. It's small size means it's perfect to carry around with you. I like to pull it out when I'm on a shortish train journey. The chapters are short but super insightful and each ends with an exercise for you to think over in your own time. It's not one you want to read cover to cover, but instead is a really accessible way to deepen your connection with yogic philosophy."          Romaine Furnston-Evans

About the author:

Eckard Wolz-Gottwald ranks amongst the most important yoga philosophers in the German-speaking world. He teaches at the University of Philosophy and Theology Muenster as well as at yoga teacher trainings in various schools throughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria. His books on Applied Yoga Philosophy are widely seen as being comprehensive fundamental guides

by students and teachers alike.


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